Aimee Davis.JPG

Aimee Davis | Finance Director 

Aimee Davis is married to her husband, Marshall, and they have two awesome kids. Aimee is an experienced accountant and has worked primarily in non-profit organizations and she enjoys daily exercise. Aimee has a love for serving others and growing deeper in her personal relationship with Christ.

Sarah Devries.JPG

Sarah DeVries | Children’s Ministry Director

Sarah DeVries and her husband, Doug, have three amazing children. Sarah has served in the children's ministry for many years and she enjoys teaching and leading children and adult volunteers closer to Jesus Christ. Sarah also enjoys growing deeper in her personal relationship with Jesus.

Marty Hancock.JPG

Marty Hancock | Worship & Creative Arts Technical Director

Marty Hancock is married to Lisa and they are proud parents & grandparents. Marty has a heart for worship and uses the gifts God has given him to lead and train others to produce quality sound in our worship services. Marty also enjoys playing guitar and leading others in worship.

Alee Lafferty.jpg

Alee Lafferty | Front Desk Receptionist

Alee Lafferty is married to Justin and together they have two wonderful children, Jamison and Karlee. She enjoys being a light for others and loves making an impact by simply greeting everyone with a smile. Alee has always had a love for serving others and growing deeper in her relationship with Christ.

CJ Maurer.JPG

CJ Maurer | Worship & Creative Arts Pastor

Pastor CJ Maurer is married to his wife, Rachel, and they have two handsome boys, Lincoln and Lawson. Pastor CJ enjoys leading the worship arts team at GCC and considers it a great honor to lead God’s people in worship. Pastor CJ enjoys playing guitar, watching movies, and eating crack fries at HopCats. Pastor CJ has a Bachelor’s degree in Worship Arts Leadership from Spring Harbor University.

Bill Meier.JPG

Bill Meier | Frontline Director

Bill Meier and his wife, Terry, have two beautiful daughters, Mandi and Mariah. Bill has a heart for serving others as he leads our ushers, greeters, counters, café, and security teams. As a staff volunteer, Bill balances both ministry and a full-time job, and even when he is tired, you will hear him say, “It’s a pleasure to serve.”

Alyssa Ramsey.JPG

Alyssa Ramsey | MOPS Director

Alyssa Ramsey is married to Ryan Ramsey, Student Ministry Pastor, and they have two awesome and spunky kiddos, Emery & Willow.  Alyssa enjoys serving in ministry as the MOPS Director as well as other church ministries where she gets to see God build hope and change lives.

Ryan Ramsey.JPG

Ryan Ramsey | Student Ministry Pastor

Pastor Ryan Ramsey is married to his wife, Alyssa, and he enjoys being a dad to his son, Emery, and his daughter, Willow. Pastor Ryan has a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Worship from Indiana Wesleyan University and a Master of Ministry degree from Wesley Seminary. Ryan loves God and has a heart for discipling teens and leading God’s people in worship.

Bryan Savage.JPG

Bryan Savage | Senior Pastor

Pastor Bryan Savage is married to his middle school sweetheart, Kara, and they have two beautiful children, Brady and Brooke.  Pastor Bryan loves preaching the Word of God and he has a heart for helping people discover the freedom and healing found in Jesus Christ.  Pastor Bryan has a Master of Divinity degree from Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University, a Master of Music degree from Louisiana State University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Louisiana State University.

Kara Savage.JPG

Kara Savage | Freedom Ministry Director

Kara Savage is married to her middle school sweetheart, Bryan, and they have two beautiful children, Brady and Brooke.  Kara has a passion for prayer and helping people find freedom from the pains and hurts of their past. Kara is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Indiana Wesleyan University as well as ordination in the Wesleyan Church.

Courtney Sweet.JPG

Courtney Sweet | Freedom Ministry Assistant

Courtney is married to her fun-loving husband, Adam, and they have five fabulous children: Ysabella, William (Alex), Angelee, Addison, & Jennaca. Courtney is a licensed minister in the Wesleyan Church and she is currently working towards completing her Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree from Indiana Wesleyan University as well as ordination in the Wesleyan Church. Courtney loves working with Life Groups as well as serving in different areas of ministry at GCC.

Jamie Vangessel.JPG

Jamie VanGessel | Preschool Coordinator

Jamie VanGessel and her husband Jeremy have 4 children Eva, Chloe, Kurtis, and Raymond. Jamie and her family have been attending GCC for many years, and she loves serving in the Children’s Ministry where she finds great joy in teaching children who are just learning about the world about God.

Jeremy Vangessel.JPG

Jeremy VanGessel | Nursery Coordinator

Jeremy and his wife, Jamie, have 4 kids Eva, Chloe, Kurtis, and Ray. Jeremy and his family have been attending GCC for many years. Jeremy plays softball for the church and coaches youth football and baseball. Jeremy has a passion for showing Christ’s love to infants and toddlers.


Church Board

Dave Clifford.JPG

Dave Clifford | Board Member

Sam Jurden.JPG

Sam Jurdern | Board Member

Greg Syrjala.JPG

Greg Syrjala | Treasurer

Bart Zoerman.JPG

Bart Zoerman | Board Member

Beth Fryc.JPG

Beth Fryc | Board Member

Dar Kelley.JPG

Dar Kelley | Vice Chair

Mike Walsh.JPG

Mike Walsh | Board Member


Nan Ellis | Secretary

George Germain.JPG

George Germain | Head Trustee

Jamie Schmidt.JPG

Jamie Schmidt | Board Member

Sylvia Warner.JPG

Sylvia Warner | Board Member